15 Miles on the Erie Canal!

We virtually traveled along the Erie Canal again this year as students learned about the Erie Canal and solved a historic mystery. The Erie

Canal Mystery Through History included a Businessman, Along the Erie Canal, Buffalo, N.Y. (No. M 71, Buffalo News Co., Buffalo, N.Y.) -- not postally used ; approximately 1908Immigrant Worker, Boat Captain, and Inventor. Students learned about the Erie Canal through the perspective of each character and were able to ask them questions about their role on the Erie Canal and the mystery. The video conference was interactive and engaging for students across the state. This year was record breaking and we had over 1,000 students participate!

Map showing Present and Proposed Canal System, to accompany report of Edward A. Bond, State Engineer and Surveyor of N.Y. (from:Annual report of the State Engineer and Surveyor of the State of New York, for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1903 (Oliver A. Quayle, Albany, 1904) -- facing p. 60)

What students and teachers are saying:

• The timing of this activity correlated perfectly with our SS curriculum.

• It was organized and kept the students engaged. A student said, “I learned a lot and still was having fun!”

•Thank you so much for providing us with this experience.

• The students were all actively engaged and learned. They had fun and worked hard.

•The use of technology to see other classrooms in the state was amazing for them.