100 Days of School

What teachers have said about this years collaboration!!!

  • This program reinforced the measuring unit they had just done in math.

  • The program got them excited about the learning activity knowing they were going to share what they did with another class using our video conferencing equipment.

  • All who answered the survey said they would recommend to another teacher


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Dates: February 9th  – February 15th,  2024

(or dates that work with partnered classrooms)

Grades: K – 2

The 100 Days of School Collaboration allows Kindergarten through Second Grade classrooms to celebrate 100 days of school by collaborating with other classrooms throughout NYS! Students will be excited to participate in an interactive collaboration that includes Math, Reading and Problem Solving with other classrooms. The collaboration has been authentically aligned to NYS Next Generation Math & ELA Standards and the NYS Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards.


Each grade level will have a customized connection with differentiating options. All resources are attached to this opportunity. Any needed resource can be adapted for remote learners.


We recognize the 100 Days of School may vary per district due to 2023 start of school dates. Once matches are made, teachers can adjust date and time.


This program is provided to districts who participate in a BOCES/RIC Distance Learning CoSer.

Connection Agenda:

Kindergarten Agenda – Kindergarten Grade 100 Days of School

1st Grade Agenda – 1st Grade 100 Days of School

2nd Grade Agenda – 2nd Grade 100 Days of School

100 Days of School Image File – Click Here

“I Wish I Had” Poem Template – Click Here

Learning Standards

The 100 Days of School connection is aligned to Next Generation ELA and Math Common Core Learning Standards as well as NYS Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards. 100 Days of School Collaboration Learning Standards for learning standards.

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