2024 Erie Canal Mystery Through History Collaboration

2024 Erie Canal Project


We are excited to offer the 2024 Erie Canal Project! Please see attached resources!

2024 Erie Canal Registration Link

(Please note: the 2024 video conference is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long)

*OPTIONS for 2024*

  1. ALL students are face-2-face – 3 Classrooms Maximum in connection*
  2. Recorded Option: Teacher facilitates recorded interaction with guiding resources with students
  3. View Only – Non interactive



*NEW Resource* African American Inventors

*NEW Resource* How the Erie Canal Impacted Indigenous Peoples of NYS


Structure of Conference:

Please connect 10 minutes prior to the connection so we can test for sound and video. PLEASE make sure each student has their Evidence Gathering Worksheet and a pencil. Also go over the Videoconferencing Etiquette Checklist with students.

The question sheet will tell you the exact question you will ask each of the characters in the connection. We will call on each class when it is time for your question.

Structure of the Connection:

Introductions – each class will introduce themselves

Suspect/Character #1

Classroom Questions (each class will receive the question they will ask EACH suspect)

Classrooms gather facts and clues and share with the group

Suspect/Character #2

Classroom Questions

Classrooms gather facts and clues and share

Suspect/Character #3

Classroom Questions

Classrooms gather facts and clues and share

Suspect/Character #4

Classroom Questions

Classrooms gather facts and clues and share

Each classroom shares who they think committed the crime

Through consensus we determine the guilty party and hear their confession


Project Reviews:

This was an amazing program! It was better than I imagined and the students were very engaged. They didn’t stop talking about it for days. Thank you so much for putting this on.”

Wonderful presentation. So much fun, kids engaged. Aligned with our social studies curriculum. Thank you!

“My students enjoy the idea that they are detectives that use the clues to solve the crime. The note sheet is perfect for recording information as the program is presented.”

“The students enjoyed the presentation. They liked the “interactions” with the suspects as well. Students said they liked the mystery and felt the presentation went well.”

“My students enjoyed their first connection. They listened throughout and were engaged the whole time.”

“I thought everything was wonderful. My class really enjoyed participating”

“This was a great opportunity to bring not only the history of the Erie Canal to our classroom, but to learn from other classes around the state.¬† My students loved seeing the other students and seeing what they had learned and created.”

Questions? Call Doreen Pietrantoni at 585-249-7221 or email at doreen_pietrantoni@boces.monroe.edu



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