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May 27

15 Miles on the Erie Canal!

We virtually traveled along the Erie Canal again this year as students learned about the Erie Canal and solved a historic mystery. The Erie Canal Mystery Through History included a Businessman, Immigrant Worker, Boat Captain, and Inventor. Students learned about the Erie Canal through the perspective of each character and were able to ask them …

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Dec 15


The NYS Distance Learning Consortium (NYSDLC) booth at NYSCATE was a success. Below are pictures of the Star Wars themed booth. We have a visit from many characters! Educators from around the state were able to visit the booth, learn about distance learning, online learning, collaborations, and robots in the classroom.

Jul 08

Keeping Connected with SKYPE

SKYPE calls are a wonderful tool to use in the classroom. Classrooms can connection with other classrooms, professionals, and locals such as museums. There are many resources that provide opportunities for classrooms to find connections and many Distance Learning vendors are also using SKYPE as an option for connections. Katrina Keene’s article states how Mystery …

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Sep 05

Futures Project!

Penfield CSD, East Rochester UFCSD, and Monroe #1 BOCES are participating in a new venture of online courses taught by district teachers for the district’s students. Futures Project Information Website The Futures Project is gaining the attention of the community. Please view the video below that aired on Fox News!

Mar 06

Meet the VGO Robot

Using Technology To Instruct Home Bound Students With the VGO Robot In the Monroe #1 BOCES region, a district needed help connecting an elementary student to her classroom. Due to medical issues, the student hasn’t been able to attend school for several months. Even with the help of a tutor, the student was missing out …

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Jan 31

Video Conference Fact Sheet – checking for understanding

Video Conferences are a great way for students to learn and collaborate. But how does a teacher know if students are understanding the key learning points of the conference? Below is a document that educations can print and distribute to students to use during or right after a conference. Using this document allows for educators …

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Dec 01

Career Connections!

Each year the NYSDLC offers Career Connection Video Conferences to high school students. Students are able to learn from experts in the field about relevant high school courses, college, internships, and career expectations. In the past the fields of interest have included – doctors, nurses, architects, master chefs, radio dj and station manager – and …

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Oct 18

The Value of Field Trips – In person and virtual

A recent study discussed the benefits of field trips for students.  There has been a drastic reduction in schools participating in field trips due to expense, scheduling, and curriculum. Click on the link below to read the entire article. ARTICLE: The Educational Value of Field Trips Items of interest from the article: Students: Recall more …

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Sep 26

2013 – 2014 Career Connections

For the second year Career Connections will be provided by the New York State Distance Learning Consortium (NYSDLC). Career Connections offer students the opportunity to meet with professionals in fields of their interest.  Career and college readiness via distance learning! 2013 – 2014 Career Connections Schedule is currently being created.  Watch for updates from your …

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Sep 25

NYSDLC – State-Wide Collaborations and Career Connections

Each year the New York State Distance Learning Consortium offers free collaborations and Career Connections to classrooms who participate in their BOCES Distance Learning CoSer. NYSDLC Collaborations Flyer 2015-2016 Take a look at our promotion video!

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