Challenger Learning Center – Be A Transformer Fun With Energy Transformations Video Conference

Commander Raab

Grades 3-7

An amazing opportunity for students. Work directly with the Commanders from the Rochester Challenger Learning Center. Conduct hands-on experiments and participate in the “Energy Game Show”. This program aligns directly with the MST Learning Standards for grades 3-7. Identify the different forms of energy including heat, light, electrical, mechanical, sound, nuclear and chemical. A hands-on materials kit is available for students. Video clip available:

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Students Enjoying The Hands On Experience

Video Conference Fact Sheet – checking for understanding

Video Conferences are a great way for students to learn and collaborate. But how does a teacher know if students are understanding the key learning points of the conference?

Below is a document that educations can print and distribute to students to use during or right after a conference. Using this document allows for educators to ensure students have learned during the conference. Also, gathering evidence addresses Common Core Learning Standards.

Video Conference Fact Sheet