Challenger Learning Center – Be A Transformer Fun With Energy Transformations Video Conference

Commander Raab

Grades 3-7

An amazing opportunity for students. Work directly with the Commanders from the Rochester Challenger Learning Center. Conduct hands-on experiments and participate in the “Energy Game Show”. This program aligns directly with the MST Learning Standards for grades 3-7. Identify the different forms of energy including heat, light, electrical, mechanical, sound, nuclear and chemical. A hands-on materials kit is available for students. Video clip available:

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Students Enjoying The Hands On Experience

What’s Happening in 2018!

There are exciting events happening in 2018 for Distance Learning!

  • CAPspace has updated their website and offering exciting collaborative events for classrooms around the nation.

  • Monroe One BOCES created events are open to those who participate in the Distance Learning CoSer

  • Need help with Online Learning? We support Learning Management Systems such as Google Classroom, Schoology, Moodle and Canvas.

  • Zoom desktop videoconferencing is opening doors to new ways to collaborate, connect, and learn!

  • Robots are available to use with home-bound or hospital-bound students. Many students have benefited by the access of robots in order to stay connect with peers and continue to learn. Our Double Robots can be borrowed for students in need. Learn more about Double Robots.


15 Miles on the Erie Canal!

We virtually traveled along the Erie Canal again this year as students learned about the Erie Canal and solved a historic mystery. The Erie

Canal Mystery Through History included a Businessman, Along the Erie Canal, Buffalo, N.Y. (No. M 71, Buffalo News Co., Buffalo, N.Y.) -- not postally used ; approximately 1908Immigrant Worker, Boat Captain, and Inventor. Students learned about the Erie Canal through the perspective of each character and were able to ask them questions about their role on the Erie Canal and the mystery. The video conference was interactive and engaging for students across the state. This year was record breaking and we had over 1,000 students participate!

Map showing Present and Proposed Canal System, to accompany report of Edward A. Bond, State Engineer and Surveyor of N.Y. (from:Annual report of the State Engineer and Surveyor of the State of New York, for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1903 (Oliver A. Quayle, Albany, 1904) -- facing p. 60)

What students and teachers are saying:

• The timing of this activity correlated perfectly with our SS curriculum.

• It was organized and kept the students engaged. A student said, “I learned a lot and still was having fun!”

•Thank you so much for providing us with this experience.

• The students were all actively engaged and learned. They had fun and worked hard.

•The use of technology to see other classrooms in the state was amazing for them.



The NYS Distance Learning Consortium (NYSDLC) booth at NYSCATE was a success. Below are pictures of the Star Wars themed booth. We have a visit from many characters!

Educators from around the state were able to visit the booth, learn about distance learning, online learning, collaborations, and robots in the classroom.

Elisa & Darth Vader Princess  Leia and the Storm Trooper Phil

Keeping Connected with SKYPE

SKYPE calls are a wonderful tool to use in the classroom. Classrooms can connection with other classrooms, professionals, and locals such as museums.

There are many resources that provide opportunities for classrooms to find connections and many Distance Learning vendors are also using SKYPE as an option for connections.

skype-tips-tricksKatrina Keene’s article states how Mystery SKYPE calls can connect your classroom to the world. To read the entire article, click here – Mystery SKYPE Calls



Ensure Success with SKYPE?

  • Practice with another classroom in your building or district

  • Connect with educators you know in other districts, states, countries

  • Test SKYPE connection

  • Have specific goals for connection

  • Discuss etiquette with students and plan who will speak when

  • Have a back up plan in case there are technology glitches



SKYPE in the Classroom Resources

  1. SKYPE in the Classroom –

  2. SKYPE with Penguin Publishing Authors –

  3. SKYPE an Author –

  4. Kate Messener’s Authors Who SKYPE for free –

SKYPE Projects

  • SKYPE with a Professional


  • SKYPE with an Author

  • SKYPE with a local such as a museum or landmark

  • SKYPE with Pen Pals

  • SKYPE with parents